Wholesale Disinfectant and Hygiene Products

Newschooltattoo.com can supply a range of Wholesale Disinfectant and Hygiene Products for use in your tattoo studio or piercing shop.

Wholesale Disinfectant

Wholesale Disinfectant ChemGene (Trigene)ChemGene
ReproChem Instrument & Equipment CleanerReproChem
ReproChem Instrument Disinfectant (New name for Medis)ReproChem
Ultrawave M-FormulaUltrawave
Alcotip Disinfectant SwabsAlcotip Disinfectant Swabs
Tincture of Green SoapTincture of Green Soap
Cutan Green SoapCutan Green Soap
Wholesale Disinfectant Cutan Foam Hand Sanitiser - 400mlCutan Foam Hand Sanitiser
Purell Instant Hand SanitiserPurell Instant Hand Sanitiser
Virkon DisinfectantVirkon Disinfectant
Sani-Cloth 70 Alcohol WipesSani-Cloth 70 Alcohol Wipes
Wholesale Disinfectant Rapidex DetergentRapidex Detergent
Hibi Scrub Hibi Scrub
Hibi Pump DispenserHibi Pump Dispenser
Hibi Cage DispenserHibi Cage Dispenser
Isoproponol Rubbing AlcoholIsoproponol Rubbing Alcohol