Tattoo Ink Caps Holders and Systems

Every tattoo artist, shop and shop needs them! Tattoo Ink Caps Holders and Systems. To compliment our ever growing range of tattoo supplies, we can also provide Tattoo Ink Caps in the following sizes | 9mm | 12mm | 16mm | 24mm |.

Tattoo Ink Caps

Tattoo Ink Caps


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Sold in bags of 1000

Magic Moon Colour Caps SystemPurchase the Magic Moon Colour Caps System
Colour Caps System – 25 pcs
Size: Small ink caps – 12 caps per strip, Large inks – 6 caps per strip. Custom made push-fit system, rounded off color cap interior, disposable color cap tubs The worlds first! Due to a custom made push-fit system no more single color caps slipping out of place. The size 6 and size 12 color cap systems are connected easily and can be expanded endlessly. A merging of colors can be ruled out completely due to enough space between the color caps.

Tattoo Ink Caps Ink Cap Holder


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Available as either Ink Cap Holder (Clear) or Ink Cap Holder (Steel)