Tattoo Goo Products Supplied Wholesale supplies a number of Tattoo Goo Products Wholesale to the Tattoo and Piercing Industry.

Tattoo Goo

Goo Color GuardGoo Color Guard: UV Sun Screen Stick for Tattoos, helps stop your colours from fading. Available as a box or as an individual stick.




Tattoo Goo SalveTattoo Goo Salve: Tin sizes: 21.3g x 24 per box or 9.3g x 36 per box. Many report healing times cut in half. Some as quickly as 3 days when applied as directed. The rich premium Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter and Wheat Germ Oil formula, along with vitamin–e and several herbs provide an occlusive humectant barrier which aids in healing. It won’t clog pores and enhances color of new and old tattoos a like. Goo is also good for all kinds’ minor skin irritations such as scrapes, bruises, windburn and sunburn to name a few.


The LotionTattoo Goo “The Lotion”: Box of 24. Non Greasy Lotion, Absorbs Quickly, Aids in Healing ,Prevents Scabbing. Contains Vitamin A & D. Lanolin and Petroleum Free. Provides Occlusive Barrier. Will not clog pores. Promotes faster healing time. Unscented / No Dyes. Easy to apply. No touch. Dermatologist Approved.


Complete TATTOO Care KitTattoo Goo Complete Tattoo Care Kit: Sold as a single set. Kit includes: Tattoo Goo 3/4 oz, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing, Soap 2oz, Tattoo Goo Quick Penetrating lotion 2oz, Color Guard SPF 30 .45oz, Tattoo Goo 4 inch sticker, Tattoo aftercare sheet.



Complete Piercing Care KitTattoo Goo Complete Piercing Care Kit: Sold as a single set that includes: Xpressions Piercing Spray: For Oral and Dermal Piercings, Dermatologist Tested, Antibacterial/Antimicrobial, Prevents Infection, Inflammation and Scaring 2oz spray, Blue Wave Medical Grade Saline Spray, Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing antibacterial Soap.


Pillow PacksTattoo Goo Pillow Packs: Small packs of Tattoo Goo Original or Lotion with re-sealable tops. Perfect to Give out to Customers. 4ml packs x 50