Swashdrive Tattoo Machines, Whip and Slide 2.0

Swashdrive™ Developments are continually researching and developing their Swashdrive Tattoo Machines to further refine the performance and reliability of their products. Newschooltattoo.com is pleased to be able to supply the following Swashdrive Tattoo Machines & Models.


Swashdrive Tattoo Machines: Slide 2.0

Swashdrive Tattoo Machines Slide 2With the latest version of the Slide, the manufacturer has upgraded the slide action by slightly changing the configuration and adding three roller bearings for a seriously smooth action.

For those of you who wanted a specific liner to go with The Swashdrive Whip (below) here you have it! A light weight smooth jackhammer action, with no give.

Similar frame design and weight as the Swashdrive Whip, with a solid action for those of you who like it that way. It comes in any color you want, so long as it is black! – Purchase the Swashdrive Tattoo Machines Slide 2.0


Swashdrive Tattoo Machines: Swashdrive Whip

Swashdrive Tattoo Machines Swashdrive Whip

The Swashdrive WHIP is built to the same exacting standards as the Gen 7.

Adjustable Slider lets you shift from soft to hard hitting on the run. It has the same robust motor as the Gen7 and a heavy duty construction.

High acceleration from low mass inertia. Same signature Swashdrive reliability.

Whats the maintenance on the Whip? …. the answer to this one is really simple. “Just keep it clean.. that simple. The Swashdrive™ Whip has a sealed bearing, so you can’t oil it, and that is about it.

The Tattoo machine has been designed for reliability. The Swashdrive™ Whip is a collaboration between at tattoo artist with 25 years in the business and an engineer who has been willing to explore the boundaries, listen to the feedback, then produce an even better machine than the previous model.

It comes with two easy to use adjustable sliders so that you can get the perfect setting every time you look for it. – Purchase the Swashdrive Whip



Artist Testimonials after using Swashdrive Tattoo Machines:

Lux Aeterna – “All lines slide, black fill-ins whip, great machine!

John Hansen – “Love the Whip! Can’t wait for my freshly ordered Gen 8

Rasmus Høygaard – “Whip for shadows and colours. Love the gun

Mario Neve – “Whip and gen7…