Stingray Tattoo Machine from Ink Machines

We are proud to present the Stingray tattoo machine. Although the Stingray Tattoo Machines looks very similar to the Dragonfly it is a completely new type of tattoo machine with a Desmodromic roller cam system.


Stingray Tattoo Machine

Stingray Tattoo Machine from Ink MachinesThe new cam system enables to create a needle motion that is perfect for lining and color packing.

Like a coil machine but without the weight, the aggressive sound and naturally with greater precision and consistency.

The cam system allows you to change the stroke length and also the ability to totally change the characteristics and behavior of the machine by changing to different cams, the standard version comes with a 3.5mm stroke.

Changing the cam is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Ink Machines Stingray Tattoo Machine

  • Lightweight (only 85 grams)
  • Silent
  • Low vibrating
  • Ergonomic
  • Don’t need rubberbands
  • Adjustable hitting force
  • Accepts standard grips, tubes and needles
  • Both clipcord & RCA connections
  • Works with most power supplies 0-13V
  • Ideal for lining and packing color
  • Exchangeable cams for different stroke lengths
  • Normally stops in upper position
  • No moving components in contact with plastic barrier

The Stingray Tattoo Machine is Patent Pending. – Purchase the Stingray Tattoo Machine


Stingray Tattoo Machine Specifications:

  • Input voltage: 0 – 13 volt DC (max. 13 volt DC)
  • Power connections: RCA or clipcord (max. clipcord end diam Ø1,6 mm)
  • Rpm range Stitches / sec: 0 – 8 000 rpm / min 0 – 130 / sec
  • Stroke length: 2,6 – 3,5 mm depending on cam used
  • Suspension stroke (give): 0 – 2 mm
  • Max. tube diam Ø : Ø8 mm
  • Max. needle size: 50 magnum
  • Weight: 90 grams
  • Dimensions LxBxH: 95 x 21 x 75 mm


Stingray Tattoo Machine Handbook

Stingray User ManualFor your convenience, if your looking for a handbook / manual for your Stingray Tattoo Machine, here it is: