Stencil Stuff and Spray Stuff Wholesale

Stencil Stuff* offer a range of specialist products designed and developed to assist the professional tattoo artist.


Spray Stuff

Spray StuffA revolutionary product that keeps marker and pen drawings on longer while you work on your free hand tattoos!

New and Improved formula and bottle.

Spray Stuff “Draw it on…Keep it on!” Spray Stuff allows you to work more confidently from the start. After drawing on the skin with either markers or pens, spray a light mist over the area and allow it to dry, and you’ll be ready to go…

No harsh chemicals – 100% non-toxic & vegan friendly.


Latest Spray Stuff Videos

Flaks using Spray Stuff

Jeremiah Barba using Spray Stuff


Stencil Stuff

Stencil StuffStencil Stuff* was developed in 2005 by Professional Tattoo Artists who knew there had to be a better way to apply detailed, precision stencils and achieve longer lasting stencil artwork. Some homemade solutions worked with some success and were improved upon by experimentation and taken to a whole new level with the help of high caliber laboratories. Stencil Stuff* is a creamy lotion that has been laboratory formulated and tested to be non-toxic and safe for most skins. Stencil Stuff* makes the transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination. Stencil Stuff* eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line. It also works exceptionally well if outlining is needed or desired. If there is a need to remove the transfer stencil for repositioning, it can be removed with alcohol. The original thermal copy stencil can be reapplied several times without the worry of using damaged stencils or having to make another. Stencil Stuff* has become a necessity in the tattoo industry, used by thousands of professional tattoo artists everyday. – Link to Existing


Latest Stencil Stuff Videos

Timmy B using Stencil Stuff to tattoo

Timothy Boor using Stencil Stuff.


Magic Moon Ink Shaker

Magic Moon shakerBrand new innovation for the dis-solvent of pigments and perfect color quality that you can possibly get from your colors.

No more shaking bottles to try and loosen all pigment stuck to the side of the bottle.

Just place your bottle base on the top of this device, gently press and hold for 30 seconds. The ink is ready to use to give you optimum colour in the skin. – Link to Existing