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Intenze Ink has an unrivaled dedication to creating superior tattoo inks through collaboration with the best tattoo artists in the world, and using technologically advanced safety procedures.

At Intenze, we strive to create the best performing, safest tattoo ink possible, equipping tattoo artists with the most powerful tools available so they may truly Unleash their Potential.

From the very first tattoo created with Intenze ink, Intenze has grown into a community of the most elite artists distinguished by their desire to advance the skills of all artists and uplift the tattoo industry as a whole.


Intenze Ink: Mario Barth Gold Label x19 set

Mario Barth Gold Label

“Mario Barth has been personally developing this product for five years, and he is proud to say that this advanced pigment is the first pigment made sterile without the use of radiation, and has been certified by an accredited laboratory to still be considered sterile after one year in the bottle.” – Patent Filed This 1 ounce color set includes nineteen colors formulated to fit your needs, which includes:

Mario BarthSnow White Opaque, Bright Red, Flesh Pot, True Magenta, Bright Orange, Light Green, Hard Orange, Blue Sky, Light Purple, Banana Cream, Lime Green, Lining Black, Cherry Bomb, Light Brown, Lemon Yellow, Dark Chocolate, Mario’s Blue, Flesh, and Mario’s Light Blue. Purchase Mario Barth Gold Label Ink



Intenze Ink: Boris from Hungary Artist Series

Boris from Hungary Inks by Intenze

Boris from Hungary is currently doing some of the most advanced tattoo work in the world. As his work rapidly progressed he realized that there were no color pigments on the market that could support the work he is capable of doing. Out of necessity, Boris has teamed up with Intenze and developed his signature series. This pigment formula has been handmade by Boris in collaboration with Intenze Products and is guaranteed to support the execution of the world’s most progressive tattooing. This tattoo ink color set includes nineteen colors formulated to fit your needs, which includes:

Bright Sunshine, In The Spring, Eggshell, Maroon Honey, Rubber Doll, Maroon, Sangria, Persian Red, Bark Brown, Bulls Blood, Red Cloud, Kakao, Flower Child, Liliom, Monacle, Swimming Pool, Ocean, Aqua, Aquarium.

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Intenze Ink: Mike DeMasi Color Portrait Series

Mike Demasi Color Portrait Set“When doing a color portrait, people often ask “what color tattoo inks do you use?” Not knowing that there is no such thing as a flesh tone tattoo ink color. Flesh tones are made up of many colors and everyones hues can be a little different. When studying the face you will notice a variety of colors; reds, greens, and even blues. So when developing this portrait set i wanted to incorporate these colors, some are bright and some are muted down. Adding this set to your existing Intenze Tattoo Inks allows you for a perfect tattoo ink color pallet.

This tattoo ink color set includes nineteen colors formulated to fit your needs, which includes: Black Cherry, Chestnut, Clay, Coral, Dijon, Dirty Beige, Ginger, Midnight, Mocha, Moss, Olive, Raw Umber, Raw Umber Light, Salmon, Sand, Steel, Sunset, Swamp, Yellow Orchid – Purchase the Mike DeMasi Color Portrait Series


Intenze Ink: Japanese Dragon Color Kit

Intenze Dragon Color SetFeatures exclusive Japanese Tattoo Ink | Dragon Color Tattoo Ink Set – available as a set including 6 colors:

Mario’s Dragon Green Light, Mario’s Dragon Green Dark, Dragon Turquoise, Dragon Red, Mario’s Dragon Blue and Dragon Yellow – Purchase the Japanese Dragon Color Kit


Intenze Ink: Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink Series

Mark Mahoney Gangster Grey Tattoo Ink

INTENZE Ink is proud to present a new black & grey tattoo ink product formulated by tattooist Mark Mahoney.

This is the formula and shades of black & grey that Mark Mahoney uses while he tattoos. The result is an unbelievable black & grey system of tattoo ink that is perfectly suited for black & grey portraits, lettering, religious tattoos, and Cholo artwork made popular in Southern California.

In this video Mark Mahoney walks us through his complete tattoo process from start to finish and discusses his Gangster Grey Black and Grey Series, how he uses it, and how other artists can use it as well.

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Intenze Ink: BOB TYRELL’S Black and Grey 6 bottle set

Bob Tyrell's Black and Grey from IntenzeBob Tyrrell is one of the world’s leading black and grey tattoo artists. As technically innovative as it is awe-inspiring, Bob’s unique style is rooted in his own mixing techniques. He has single-handedly revolutionized the industry and this style of work.

In collaboration with INTENZE Bob has progressed this a step further and formulated a black and grey pigment series to help provide the tools for other artists to reach his level of clarity, realism, value, and contrast. It is with this series that Bob and INTENZE hope that you can take your black and grey tattoo work to a greater level. Purchase Bob Tyrell’s Black and Grey Ink


Intenze Ink: Bowery Ink Set

Bowery Ink by Intenze

This 8 color pigment set was matched by tattoo legend Bowery Stan Moskowitz to be the true colors that he used while tattooing down on the Bowery. 1oz bottles of Green, Yellow, Brown, Black, Irish Green, Red, Blue, White – Purchase the Bowery Ink set by Intenze



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