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Hustle Butter

All Natural 100% OrganicWhat is it?

HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE® is a 100% vegan REPLACEMENT, for all petroleum based products, used as tattoo lubricants BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the tattoo process…


Made from mango, coco, papaya and other Shea butters, it brings tremendous amounts of benefits:

– It will NOT remove stencils.

– NO more petroleum build up or clogged tubes.

– HBDlx® Promotes healing upon contact, MINIMIZES redness, swelling and bleeding.

– Skin remains workable: no more over worked highlights, yellows & whites go in the first time, color never went in so easy.

– Used in place of petroleum based products, HUSTLE BUTTER DELUXE® will heal fresh tattoos quicker with results that are unmatched…results that last a LIFETIME…


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