Eternal Ink, Tattoo Ink From Eternal

Choose what’s right for you! can supply full sets or individual bottles of Eternal Tattoo Ink. We carry a full range of Eternal Ink in your choice of 1 oz, 2oz, or 4 oz sized Bottles.


The Eternal Ink M Series

Eternal Ink and The M Series

The Eternal Ink M Series by Mike Devries & Mario Rosena includes 18 NEW Formulated Eternal Ink Colors, including:

  • Rich Turquoise
  • Perfect Orange
  • Mike’s Periwinkle
  • Rich Magenta
  • Perfect Black
  • Off White
  • Dark Rose
  • Bright Peach
  • Warm Light Gray
  • Perfect White
  • Warm Medium Gray
  • Warm Dark Gray
  • Rich Light Flesh
  • Rich Medium Flesh
  • Rich Dark Flesh
  • Cool Light Gray
  • Cool Medium Gray
  • Cool Dark Gray



Mike Devries talks about his M Series Eternal Tattoo Ink Set that features a range of 18 colors formulated for portrait work, realism, and monochromatic tattoos. This set gives you both warm and cool tones that are offered in light, medium, and dark ranges to give you the perfect blend. The M Series also features an assortment of portrait tones that were designed to compliment each other. Purchase the Eternal M Series


Marshall Bennett Signature Gray Wash Set

Eternal Ink and the Marshall Bennett Signature Gray Wash SetMarshall BennettThe signature gray wash set by Marshall Bennett includes everything you need for black and gray work and takes the guess work out of mixing. The Signature set features 5 ranges of Gray wash, Lining Black, White Knight for highlighting, and Keep it Wet. Purchase the Marshall Bennett Signature Gray Wash Set


Eternal Ink Complete Color Set

Eternal Ink Complete 50 Colour SetEternal Inks use organic pigment, distilled water, witch hazel and alcohol. They have been developed by Terry Tramp Welker and tested under the EU Directive on aryl amines.

50 inks in 1oz/30mll bottles (Individual colours also available as 1oz) – Purchase the Eternal Complete Color Set


Eternal Zombie Color Set

Eternal Tattoo Ink Zombie SetThe Eternal Zombie Color Set is a very dark collection of flesh-tone browns, muddy reds and dirty purple. This set is one of many that was artist inspired and brought to you by Eternal Ink. These colors are very versatile, from one of the best flesh tones we have ever seen to a great Frostbite Blue that can’t be duplicated, this set is a great addition to any set of ink. Inks available as a set – or – individually.


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Eternal Standard 50 colour range

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Eternal Primary Colour Set

Eternal Muted Earthtones Range – Also – Available As A Set

Eternal Portrait Skin Tones Range – Also – Available As A Set