Eikon Laconia Tattoo Machine

To compliment our existing range of Eikon tattoo equipment we are pleased to be able to offer wholesale the Eikon Laconia Tattoo Machine.

Eikon Laconia Tattoo Machine Info.

Eikon Laconia Tattoo MachinePurchase the Eikon Laconia Tattoo Machine: On this Eikon tattoo machine the coils don’t mount parallel to the spring mount, the base plate they mount to is actually angled downward away from the spring mount. The armature bar is installed with no bend on the back spring, but the bar still clears the back coil on its down swing. Finally, the armature bars trajectory begins almost parallel to the spring mount, then travels down and away to connect with the front coil core.

These differences are intentional.. But you still get the Eikon Devices unquestionable quality.

The subtle geometry modifications on this unit when compared to other Eikon Tattoo Machines allows for the Laconia to be tuned easily with out having to bend the back spring.

All Laconia tattoo machines are manufactured and assembled in Canada using quality Eikon machine parts including: Crown Standard 8 wrap Coils, Conventional Armature Bars, Conventional Springs, Binding Posts, Capacitors and RCA Connection.

The cast 1025 steel frame is blackened to protect against corrosion. They feature brass binding posts and uses 1 1/4″ Crown Standard coils.

The cast silicone bronze frame is left naked so it will age with time. It features blackened steel binding posts and uses 1″ Crown Standard coils installed on a 1/4″ yoke.

The Laconia tattoo machines are tuned to operate on a wide range of voltages in order to accommodate for a variety of skin types, tattooing styles and needle configurations. Coloring machines operate around 105 CPS and 45% duty using a heavy weight conventional armature bar unloaded.

Shading machine operate around 130 CPS and 45% duty using a medium weight conventional armature bar unloaded. Note: Speed and Duty Cycle readings stated are approximate and are provided as a guide for selecting the correct machine for the job.

Machines: Colouring or Shading
Colour: Silicone Bronze or Steel

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