Eikon Footswitches Gem, Premier and Treadlite

To compliment our existing range of Eikon Tattoo Equipment we are pleased to offer tattoo artists and tattoo shops/studios the following Eikon Footswitches.

Eikon Footswitches

Eikon Fottswitches Gem FootswitchEikon Gem Footswitch – This Eikon Foot Switch is an omni-directional footswitch, meaning that it is pressure sensitive from any direction.

It has a die cast heavy chrome housing with a black plastic cap and comes pre-wired with heavy duty 18ga silicone wire.
Length of wire: 2 metre (approx).
Weight: 454gms.

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Eikon Footswitches Premier Foot SwitchEikon Premier Foot Switch – This Eikon Foot Switch is the biggest (almost 6″ across) and heaviest (almost 2 lb) footswitch that we sell.

Top of the line, this foot switch is an omni-directional footswitch meaning it is pressure sensitive from many direction.

Nickel chrome cover, with a stain resistant black nitrile bumper base pad, it comes pre-wired from Eikon with 6′ of heavy-duty 18 gauge silicone wire.
Size: 5 3/4″ x 1 7/16″ Weight: 1 3/4 lb

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Eikon Footswitches Treadlite Footswitch


Eikon Treadlite Footswitch – Traditional style footswitch.

Pre-wired with heavy duty 18ga silicone wire.

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