Tattoo Inks supply a range of Wholesale Tattoo Inks available from leading tattoo ink brands such as Eternal, Kuro Sumi, Silverback, Intenze, Fusion and others. Take a look at the links below to find out more.

Eternal Ink, Tattoo Ink From Eternal

Eternal Ink from Newschooltattoo.comEternal Ink was developed by Terry Welker, an American tattooist with more than 30 years experience in the industry. That experience has led Eternal Ink to become one of the most used tattoo inks in the tattooing world. More Info

Kuro Sumi Ink, The world’s best tattoo ink

Kuro Sumi InkFor the black and grey look you’ve been searching for, Kuro Sumi makes the world’s best outlining and shading ink. Kuro Sumi Tattoo Ink utilizes the bold crisp character to give your tattoos life and dimension. More Info

Silverback Ink, Black, White, Clear & Grey Wash

Silverback InkWhen you tattoo in color, you have a full range to choose from. Why not have the same options when tattooing in black and grey? More Info

Intenze Ink, Tattoo inks available by Intenze

Intenze Tattoo InksIntenze Tattoo Ink is the distillation of generations of tattoo artist’s experiences, preferences, and techniques into high performing tattoo ink for any style, image, or client. More Info

Fusion Tattoo Ink, The brightest tattoo ink

Fusion Tattoo InkAdam Everett and Next Generation Tattoo Machines have teamed up to bring you Fusion Tattoo Ink. Fusion Ink is the brightest and best tattoo ink on the market today. More Info

Wholesale Tattoo Inks from Other Brands

Other Wholesale Tattoo is continually expanding and improving the range of wholesale tattoo inks and brands we can supply. Take a look to see the other tattoo inks we can supply. More Info