Body Piercing Needles, Blades, Punches, Scalpels

Newschooltattoo can supply a range of wholesale Body Piercing Needles, Blades, Punches and Scalpels for use in your tattoo or piercing shop or studio.

Body Piercing Needles

Body Piercing Needles supplies body piercing needles from Braun and Nipro in a range of different sizes (20g, 18g, 16g, 14g,12g).


Pre sterilized blades

Are you looking for Pre sterilized blades? Look no further.. Available in boxes of 100 in sizes: BLADE: 18g 1mm to 14g 1.6mm – L-BLADE: 12g 2mm – XBLADE: 10g 2.5mm and 8g 3.2mm

Kai Punches

Kai Punches can supply Kai Punches individualy or by the box in sizes 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm & 8mm (New sizes 5,6 & 8mm).


Scalpels has a range of Scalpels and associated products available. Take a look at the following products: