Anaesthetics Available Wholesale can supply the following Anaesthetics for those times when they are needed!

Anaesthetics and Antiseptics

Anaesthetics: Bactine Spray Antiseptic

Purchase Bactine Spray Antiseptic 5 fl oz (150ml) Spray. Soothing infection protection. Pain Relieving Cleansing Spray. Relieves pain on contact maximum strength antiseptic to kill germs. Helps prevent bacterial contamination or skin infection and temporary relief of pain and itching.

Anaesthetics: Ethylchloride

Purchase Ethylchloride 100ml glass bottle. Ethyl Chloride is a short acting local anaesthetic for minor procedures. It must not be sprayed directly in the mouth or eyes. Follow the directions for use as displayed on the box and ensure adequate ventilation when sprayed. By purchasing this item you will have agreed to abide by the manufacturers instructions.

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